Serving San Diego County

and surrounding areas.


Welcome to the Wanderlove Henna Tribe.

All fellow artists, life dancers, explorers, gypsy souls, entrepreneurs, spiritual gangsters, musicians, hard workers, belief warriors, answer seekers, and those still figuring it all out... you belong here.

Art, in all of its glorious forms, has always deeply moved -- and healed -- me. As one who has navigated through this journey continually inspired by creative expression, it is now my mission to share that deep-rooted feeling of soul movement and life celebration with others. My passion is encouraging others to feel amazing about themselves and our surrounding world through perhaps one of the most vulnerable essences of our humanity: our beautifully unique body canvas!

As a heartist, visual designer, and creative marketer for my henna art business WANDERLOVE CREATIONS, I've grown to appreciate that life is about the experience -- what moves us, what moves others, what shifts the community together.

Inspired by wanderlust adventures and the love of self-expression and community, the WANDERLOVE CREATIONS vision is to offer an experience that goes with you wherever you may go -- through the ancient healing form of henna body art and other henna design-inspired products.


With love and light,

Bianca Alexandra

Bianca offers henna body art services throughout San Diego County and surrounding areas upon request. She is available for:

- Custom Appointments

- Festivals

- Photoshoots, Creative Collaborations

- Live Art & Music Shows

- Birthday Parties

- Engagement Celebrations, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties

- Maternity Belly Blessings, Baby Showers

- Ladies Nights

- Salon Parties, Grand Openings

- Corporate Events

- Henna Workshops

Bianca mixes her own henna paste using all-natural ingredients, organic when possible. She does not use or support the use of toxic "black henna."